Beginning in 1949, Jeremiah S. James made a name for himself as a residential developer. Today, Kenneth James continues that reputation. This is mainly because of Kenneth James's building philosophies which have evolved over 50 years and over 3,000 residences.

Build to the land, not just on it. This philosophy involves building around and using existing topography and vegetation in their designs. This also involves many walk thoughs on job sites.

Fill a need, don't try to create one. Kenneth James listens to his purchasers both before and after the sale.

Create value for the buyer and the community. Every development should add something to a community. Kenneth James meets with neighbors in the area to discuss preliminary plans.

Listen to your consultants. Kenneth James makes sure the consultants know his thoughts and gives them the opportunity to be creative.

Finally, think long-term. Kenneth James makes sure his land-planning, architectural design and materials all meet the test for long-term value.